December 13, 2022

RK Mission Critical Introduces The DISRUPTOR ® 2000 "Texas Edition" Mining Container

RK Mission Critical Introduces The DISRUPTOR ® 2000 "Texas Edition" Mining Container

July 14, 2022 - RK Mission Critical, LLC (RKMC), the recognized market leader in the design and manufacture of cryptocurrency containers has created a brand-new version of its all-star product. The DISRUPTOR® 2000 Texas Edition is an enhanced and improved version of the DISRUPTOR® 2000 MK II, specifically designed to conquer the natural elements of West Texas. This redesigned product offering includes additional container features, benefits, and an exclusive Texas Edition insignia. The DISRUPTOR® 2000 Texas Edition delivers what Texans and the Texas environment demand—specialized performance.

RKMC wants to help miners to get back on the bull in Texas. Miners in Texas are up against unpredictable weather patterns including extreme heat, wind, and sand, which causes disruptions in the performance of mining systems. RK Mission Critical’s engineering team worked with world-class mining operators in Texas to develop design enhancements specific to these problems. RKMC understands that Texans are trailblazers and the Texas culture embraces ruggedness and performance in the face of any challenge. With over 2 GW of containers deployed across the country, and as Texas became a center for Bitcoin mining in the USA, RK Mission Critical produced the Texas Edition to provide Texas miners the critical infrastructure to succeed.

Each DISRUPTOR® Texas Edition features: electrical system upgrades, higher capacity air intake, lower static pressure drops across intake hoods which results in higher airflow and cooling, supplemental cooling for critical electrical components, 100% rated electronic trip switchboard breakers, individual breakers sized to handle full 3400-watt miner load plus the Texas high heat load, and exterior solar reflective paint to minimize solar gain. The unit will also feature an exclusive Texas Edition insignia and provide the technical support needed in Texas to beat the heat and get businesses the most ROI out of their mining operations. RKMC is proud to solve problems alongside its customers and is now selling the DISRUPTOR® Texas Edition for those bold enough to take the crypto mining bull by the horns.

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