RKMC Operational Excellence Process - continuous improvement & respect for people
Execution excellence

Proven & Unparalleled in the industry

“We’re an engineering first company with a proven development process that's unparalleled in the industry today."

Our execution excellence is built on our unique construction, manufacturing and integration experience and the implementation of Lean Six Sigma manufacturing principles. The guiding principle is to set up our systems and processes, so that products can be ordered online and that order will go directly to the production floor.

Our process has Built-In Quality, Built-In Safety and Built-In Productivity. Our integrated process flow has real time micro-metrics in place that drive continuous improvement. The process is broken into discreet phases and standard work is developed for each phase. Each phase has metrics, personal accountability and QA/QC checklists. The resulting process is unparalleled in the industry today.

We’re market makers. Bring us your ideas, concepts or designs. We will collaborate with you to bring your products to market. Through transparent collaboration and the use of our proprietary product development process, we will significantly reduce the concept to production time and ensure your first mover advantage in the market.