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Why us?

We believe that INvesting in our people only improves the products we make

Once you get to know our team and our culture, you will understand why we have become a leader and innovator in modular manufacturing. At Mission Critical, we believe and invest in our people and create a work environment that supports individual employee development and growth.

Our teams are collaborating daily to solve sales, production, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and deployment issues. We believe in and practice continuous improvement. Our most impactful improvements come from the men and women on the production floor. Even the smallest improvement idea is seriously considered and implemented.

"Supply chain control is a strategic imperative, not a tactical one at RK Mission Critical. Our suppliers are an important part of our team. Our focus on a win-win relationship, creates better control and supplier commitment to our objectives."

The unique RKMC team, culture and business environments facilitate a rapid concept to production process for innovative modular products and systems. Our commitment doesn't end after delivery, but continues for the life of the product.