THE DISRUPTOR® 2000 TX Edition
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THE DISRUPTOR® 2000 TX Edition

Designed to Beat the Texas Heat

What is The DISRUPTOR® 2000 Texas Edition?

The Texas Edition is an enhanced and improved version of the DISRUPTOR® 2000, specifically designed to conquer the natural elements of West Texas. This redesigned product offering includes additional container features, benefits, and an exclusive Texas Edition insignia. The DISRUPTOR® 2000 Texas Edition delivers what Texans and the Texas environment demand—specialized performance.

The DISRUPTOR® 2000 Texas Edition Features:

When it comes to standard features, you'll find that the DISRUPTOR® 2000 Texas Edition is based on the record of performance of the DISRUPTOR® 2000 enhanced with the following features addressing the Texas environment, including:

  • Higher capacity intake with an increased filtered surface area
  • Lower static pressure drop across intake hoods resulting in higher airflow and cooling performance
  • Supplemental cooling for critical electrical components
  • 100% rated electronic trip switchboard breakers
  • Individual breakers sized to handle full 3400-watt miner load plus the Texas high heat load
  • Exterior solar reflective paint to minimize solar gain
  • Optional shading canopies
  • Optional dust screening systems

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