The DISRUPTOR™ 2000 - Crypto Mining Container
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The DISRUPTOR™ 2000 - Crypto Mining Container

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“We are the market leader producing at a scale not seen previously in the industry.”

Proudly manufactured in the USA, RK Mission Critical's, the DISRUPTOR® 2000 product line has not only raised the standards for the industry's crypto currency containers, but also helped raise the credibility of the entire crypto currency ecosystem. Several industry leaders have already standardized on the DISRUPTOR® 2000 product line and many industry thought leaders are beginning to endorse its use.

The DISRUPTOR® 2000 is the industry's first 2MW containerized solution to receive UL Certification. The product has a 2MW capacity, 3,400 watts per plug, houses 560 S17/S19 miners and is NEC 2017, UL 508, and OSHA 1910.36 compliant. The DISRUPTOR® provides computer infrastructure services, namely, facilities for the location of computer servers or miners with the equipment of others.

Side profile of the DISRUPTOR® 2000

An inside view of what makes the DISRUPTOR® 2000 so unique

A series of the DISRUPTOR® 2000s wrapped up and ready to go
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