December 13, 2022

RK Mission Critical and SCATE Ventures Find Success in Partnership in the Immersion Cooling Market

RK Mission Critical and SCATE Ventures  Find Success in Partnership in the Immersion Cooling Market

DENVER (November 7, 2022) — RK Mission Critical, LLC (RKMC), the recognized market leader in the design and manufacture of cryptocurrency containers and longtime partner SCATE Ventures, Inc. (SCATE), a cryptocurrency mining company and technology company, and one of the nation’s first immersion cooling self-miners, deployed the nation’s first modular and scalable immersion cooling container, the DISRUPTOR 2000 Immersion Cooling (IC) unit, this year.  Later this month, the businesses will take the stage at the Texas Blockchain Summit to explain exactly why immersion cooling, and their product, is the future.

By using the DISRUPTOR 2000 IC, mining businesses can ensure the safety, credibility, and success of the critical infrastructure in a large-scale mining operation.  In 2023, following a difficult year for the crypto market, it is more important than ever to ensure the reliability and certainty of new projects.  Collaboration with time-tested businesses that focus on sustainable and practical growth will ensure success and RK Mission Critical and SCATE Ventures are the obvious partner. “To drive real progress in a mining operation, companies and individuals alike need to be able to take data and turn it into predictive insight,” said John Marrinucci, president of RK Mission Critical.  “SCATE’s nearly half-decade of operating data and our reliable manufacturing capabilities ensure that our clients are able to make intelligent, actionable decisions every day about their mining operations with no worry about a faulty product.  Investors are eager to see proof of reliable operations and we can provide that. We are ready for 2023 and to meet the moment where all high compute businesses begin shifting towards immersion cooling technology.”

As 2022 draws to a close, RKMC and SCATE have closed several large-scale clients seeking to diversify their mining operations into the immersion cooling space.  Both businesses succeeded in sales efforts by focusing on several key differentiators about the DISRUPTOR 2000 IC including individual miner control, the ability to over clock up to 6,500 watts per miner, and the unit being the only option on the market that is based on years of historical data that RK Mission Critical shares with its customers.  Importantly, SCATE’s Hash boxes accommodate numerous machine models, including new-generation miners, which ensures customers can operate the latest and most powerful technology on the market. The DISRUPTOR 2000IC remains the only turn-key immersion solution on the market. Successes from2022 made it clear that the businesses can continue to dominate this market in2023 and plan to beef up R&D efforts, manufacturing footprint, and ESG strategy.

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