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Our Promise

RK Mission Critical is zeroing in on creating positive, lasting impressions in an industry that has traditionally centered on efficiencies

Our pillars of impact are rooted in one concept: building healthy ecosystems.  We have created an ecosystem of belonging for our people, an ecosystem of sustainable manufacturing practices and an ecosystem of transparency in our policies.  Our ESG program aims to center our core values to better design and build impact technology with purpose.


RK Mission Critical is constantly evolving to find methods that reduce pollution, conserve and reuse resources and minimize our climate impact. This is planet protection, with purpose.

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Social responsibility in our products, plants and people is at the heart of our work. This is investing in our people, with purpose.

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Transparent policies and procedures cultivate a culture where safety and accountability are prioritized. This is creating culture, with purpose.

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Environmental (PLANET)

Designing and manufacturing impact technology comes with its unique footprint. We recognize our role in being conscience of climate challenges and we are committed to reducing waste in our manufacturing facilities, promoting awareness of environmental challenges in our field and innovating to protect our people, our processes and our planet.

Manufacturing Operations
RK Mission Critical has over 280,000 sq. feet of clean manufacturing space, 11 production lanes and hundreds of employees on the shop floor. Our business implements the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) method of manufacturing which focuses on eliminating waste and improving efficiencies for the business and, as a result, improving outcomes for our climate.
Waste Reduction: Prefabrication
One of our strengths is our prefabrication process. Our production facility has designated prefabrication areas which works on nearly 70% of all materials that will be installed into our final products. Prefabrication, as a process, dramatically reduces material waste by implementing gigs and templates, finalized drawings and BOMs that are routinely updated to match required materials. By ensuring that nearly three-quarters of our work process is in a prefabrication process, we eliminate the material, sound and environmental waste that comes with the conventional practice of transporting materials and assembling on-site.
Environmental (PLANET)


We have a firm commitment to reusing material where possible and encourage all of our partners to engage in the same practice. On a small scale, the wood spools that hold all the wire we use in our products are returned to each of our vendors for reuse.  This prevents significant landfill waste from a product that is recyclable.  On a larger scale, one of the core successes of our business is the reuse of shipping containers that would otherwise end up in landfills or in our oceans.  Our star product line, the DISRUPTOR 2000, reuses 40-foot shipping containers by working with our sister business, RK Steel, to fit the frame perfectly for our products.  The shipping container is turned into critical infrastructure for cryptocurrency mining operations and is designed specifically to run on traditional and renewable energy sources.  Reusing shipping containers helps eliminate building waste, prevents disruption to the natural environment where the project lives, uses less energy and resources than a traditional build and lasts longer.  

Reusing just one shipping container can help save over 3,500 kilograms of steel.  To date, RK Mission Critical has reused over 200 shipping containers.

Social (PEOPLE)

RK Mission Critical is built on the innovation, drive and curiosity of our people. We grow our talent from the ground up and recruit individuals with proven track records to serve as stewards in leadership all with an eye toward social responsibility.  

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Investing and Growing Talent
Apprenticeship Program
The majority of our people work on our production lines and come to us with varying levels of skill or professional experience. We provide an opportunity to our people who may be undecided in their career path to try and learn new trade skills, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or sheet metal, on our production lines. Our people can experience all of these trade tasks within the first 90 days of their employment. Once an individual has expressed an interest in a particular trade, we invest in that curiosity and enroll them into the associated apprenticeship program on our dime.
Investing and Growing Talent
Skills Labs
We strive for excellence in our employee skill set. When bringing in new apprentices, we noticed some gaps in their training outside of a particular expertise such as electrical or plumbing. So, we built our own skills lab for RK Mission Critical employees to fill gaps in training received elsewhere. The Skills Lab provides our people an opportunity to test out ideas, learn concrete skills and practice to perfection the concept of building efficiencies into our lean manufacturing process. This focus area for enrolled staff helps our people build on their existing experience and set them up for success. In 2022, the Skills Lab taught 24 employees the essentials of pipe bending and panel termination.
Investing and Growing Talent
Job Creation
RK Mission Critical is colliding the blue-collar world of manufacturing with the digital age and providing skills training to ensure our people can adapt and change throughout their careers. In the 5 years that RK Mission Critical has been growing as a business, we have grown from four employees to over 200. Between our business and our suppliers and vendors, our work has created over 600 new jobs in rapidly growing industries.
Social (PEOPLE)


RK Mission Critical’s values of inclusion, collaboration, ingenuity and innovation are embedded into everything we do and into all the people we work alongside. We work hard to create an ecosystem where all people belong and thrive. Our company is proud to report we are above the benchmarks on employment for percentage of women, veterans and minority workers in the field of construction and manufacturing.

We take pride in ensuring any unskilled laborer hired into our company receives the training and education necessary to become a skilled laborer within the first 90 days of employment.

Governance (PRACTICES)

Transparent leadership and strong values cultivate a responsible culture of safety and accountability. We are proud to share our Corporate Code of Conduct that demonstrates how we model our corporate values with purpose.

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Governance (PRACTICES)
RK Mission Critical’s Corporate Code of Conduct: SMART Values
At RK Mission Critical, policies are not lip service to an idea of good workplace culture.  We design our policies around our practices. Our leadership team takes pride in providing a clear roadmap for culture, resources and accountability, along with the transparency necessary to remain consistent and model our practices.  Our values guide our work and our desire to build impact technology that transforms our people and our world.